MomanMedia.com is owned and operated by Charles Moman, veteran elementary music teacher (retired after 37 years in 2010) and composer in Seymour, IN. 

 "Journey to Auschwitz" Presentation

In 2015, I traveled twice to Poland to visit Auschwitz and other Holocaust sites. I have spoken to several libraries (over 20) and have been very well received, as well as at some schools. In this program, I share my experiences at the Holocaust sites at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek and Warsaw. For more information please click here.

Indiana Musical

I have simplified this web site dramatically recently. I now just sell my Indiana musical - "Indiana, That's Where I Belong" to Hoosier schools. It is a great show for the Indiana Bicentennial. Hundreds of schools now do my show each year and over 30,000 Hoosier students have sung my songs! Click here for more information. 

The theme song of the show was chosen for the 2016 "Circle the State with Song" concerts. For several years I sold the musical for $100, but now I only charge $50. I plan on releasing a revised version of the show in the fall of 2017. Some songs will be changed a little and I will add a new song or two. I may have an oprtional purchase of a set of videos for each song to use during a performance.

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I was one of the offical 2,200 Indiana Bicentennial Torchbearers on September 15 and it was an honor and a fun day. I was the last Jackson County torchbearer and I ran it over the Muscatatuck River and handed it over to Washington County.

 My email contact is charlesemoman@gmail.com, or call me at 812.528.2000.